Wesolve4x Maths Bursary -Sponsorship 

Wesolve4x Maths Bursary sponsorship is an initiative of the Wesolve4x Foundation to assist learners from disadvantage families with maths extra lessons and grocery benefits monthly to reduce hunger learners face daily. Invest in South Africa where it's needed most; through quality teaching support for learners.
Some of the learners would benefit greatly from our programmes but lack the finances thereon and require financial assistance. We adjure individuals and corporates to partner with WeSolve4x Foundation to support some of these learners and the programmes by sponsoring a learner/learners.
The South African school maths story is well known: Our performance as a nation is below par. We are second from the bottom of the international league table, and perform worse than some fellow African countries which spend less than we do on education. Maths is foundational for many types of careers, including those in medicine, actuarial science, engineering and technology-related. Whether one has a natural affinity for calculus and algebra or is fascinated by physics and chemistry, we strongly believe that the bewilderment surrounding these subjects can be removed and maths can be enjoyed and understood by all learners with the right tutoring programme. 
As a company, we do not believe in overnight solutions and answers, but rather we are certain that improving our results is a collaborative effort and involves all of us.

Wesolve4x Maths Bursary -Sponsorship

Be part of the Equation
Make a difference to a learner and help feed their families to eliminate hunger
Maths Lessons + Monthly Grocery = Hunger-Free Future Professionals
"Solving the world's problems one equation at a time"

    Wesolve4x Generation is a generation of problem solvers. "Solving the world's problems one equation at a time" Wesolve4x Maths Bursary Sponsorship is a direct response by the Wesolv4x generation to encourage individuals to take action and responsibility to ensure we empower the next generation of Leaders one equation at a time.

    Annual Sponsorship-Packages 

    Bronze Sponsor

    R2 500.00

    Adopt a learner

    Monthly Cost R250.00

    Maths Extra Lessons

    Monthly Grocery Benefits:

    12.5 kg Pride , Maize Meal

    5kg Spekko Rice

    2 kg Brown sugar

    2 liter cooking oil, De light

    410g KOO Baked Beans

    Silver Sponsor

    R75 000.00

    Adopt a Classroom

    Number of Learners 30

    Monthly Cost R7 500.00

    Maths Extra Lessons

    Monthly Grocery Benefits

    12.5 kg Pride, Maize Meal x30

    5kg Spekko Rice x30

    2 kg Brown sugar x30

    2 liter cooking oil, De light x30

    410g KOO Baked Beans x30

    Gold Sponsor

    +R500 000

    Adopt a School

    X Number of Learners

    Monthly Cost R250.00*X

    Maths Extra Lessons

    Unlimited requests

    Monthly Grocery Benefits:

    12.5 kg Pride, Maize Meal *X

    5kg Spekko Rice *X

    2 liter cooking oil, De light *X

    410g KOO Baked Beans* X

    Contact Information

    • South Africa

      Email for inquiries:az.oc.x4evlosew%40yrasrub
      Email for Sponsorship: az.oc.x4evlosew%40yrasrub

    • Contacts

      Contact number : +27(0)11 307 2452
      Address : 9th Floor, Atrium on 5th Building, 5th Street, Sandton, 2196, Gauteng, South Africa