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Wesolve4x Future Actuaries is an Actuarial Science programme in partnership with the Association of South African Black Actuarial Professionals (ASABA) , the programme seeks to actively address the problem of the acute shortage of actuarial professionals in South Africa by providing maths extra lessons from grade 4 to 12 to ensure learners are equipped mathematically to pursue the Actuarial Profession.
The programme creates awareness of the Actuarial Profession to both primary and secondary learners while providing maths extra lessons to ensure they meet the minimum requirement of Level 7 / distinction in mathematics to pursue the Actuarial Career.
We do this by unearthing and harnessing mathematical and analytical skills amongst primary and secondary school students in order to expose and help them to capitalise on career opportunities in the field of Actuarial Science.
The Association of South African Black Actuarial Professionals (ASABA) Schools Outreach programme focuses on engaging high school learners to increase the awareness of the actuarial profession and supply information, advice and mentorship to learners who are considering the profession. The main focus is on learners and schools from disadvantaged backgrounds, where the impact of the association is greater as there is a lack of prevalent information regarding the profession. more info
Wesolve4x Future Actuaries and ASABA inspiring the next generation of Actuaries.
BECOMING AN ACTUARYAn actuary is a professional who applies analytical, statistical, mathematical and strategic thinking skills to value, bring greater understanding and improved decision making to uncertain future events
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    Wesolve4x Generation is a generation of problem solvers. "Solving the world's problems one equation at a time" Wesolve4x Future Actuaries in partnership with ASABA is a direct response by the Wesolve4x generation to encourage learners to take action and get the best maths marks to address the shortage of Actuaries in South Africa. 

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