Oscar Dagume

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Chief Career Development Officer

    BSc Geology (University of the Free State)
    BSc Honours in Geohydrology (University of the Free State)
    Chamber of Mines Certificate in Strata Control

    Oscar Dagume holds a BSc degree in Geology, BSc Honors in Geohydrology (both from UFS, University of the Free State) and Chamber of Mines Certificate in Strata Control, currently busy with Chamber of Mines Certificate in Rock Mechanics. He is a member of South African Institute of Rock Engineers. He
    started his career at Lancaster Gold Mine as Trainee Geologist from August 2011 to January 2012.

    In August 2012, he joined a consulting company based in Rustenburg (Nostrada Rock Mechanics) where he occupied various positions while the company was consulting in the Aquarius Platinum mines (bord and pillar) operations. Oscar left Nostrada Rock Mechanics in September 2014 and join Anglo-American / Anglo platinum as rock engineering technician until March 2015. After obtaining
    his Chamber of Mines certificate in Strata Control, then got appointed as Strata Control Officer / Junior Geotechnical Engineer. Oscar worked at Dishaba Mine in Thabazimbi for 2 years. In June 2018, he joined Anglo Platinum in Lydenburg, at the Mototolo mine. He is currently appointed as a Strata Control Officer.

    Oscar has extensive experience in the field of Geology and geotechnical engineering in the mines. His experience extends to the commodities of gold and platinum. These operations utilise a variety of mining methods, including open cast mining, bord and pillar mining, and conventional breast mining. Oscar is a member of South African Institute of Rock Engineers (SAIRE). He is currently a director of M & O Technical Services consultancy, and was appointed as the consulting Geologist/ Junior Geotechnical Engineer.