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Wesolve4x Foundation NPC registration number: 2019/246941/08 and (PBO) Public Benefit Organisation Registration Number: 930066035 .
Wesolve4x’s key focus is providing free tutoring services for Maths in adopted public Schools in township, rural areas and urban areas across South Africa. We want to increase the number of learners excelling in maths in South Africa. To do that we offer free Maths tutoring services to learners from grades 4-12 on the weekends. But, our learners come from disadvantaged backgrounds, so Maths lessons are not enough. 
Our learners need food. They also need support at home. So we provide them with a grocery hamper once a month. We also teach their parents Maths so they can help with homework at home. That’s why we describe our model asMaths + Parents - Hunger = Elevate the maths passrate
We are a non-profit foundation that runs on a passion for learning, deep respect for our learners and parents, a never-say-die attitude and very little sleep. 
We need your support! Adopt a learner and help us change our learners’ lives! Let’s help them become future professionals 
We Adopt a school and assist all learners and parents in the adopted school- The schools we have adopted have unique challenges in the communities we are an integral part of, and these challenges affect ourlearners, parents and tutors/graduates/Teachers
Unique challenges in schools and our direct response programs1.#BecomeAnActuary School Shoes Drive- Assist learners with School Shoes, uniforms and Sanitary pads2.Wesolve4x Grocery Stokvel- reduces hunger for learners and their families3.Wesolve4x Parents Master Class- teaches parents Maths and Annual Teaching Plan4.Wesolve4x School Toilet Project - Building Proper toilets for Rural Schools with pit latrines5.Wesolve4x Maths Online Games - Provides maths online games and physical maths game cards for maths 24 in partnership With Maths Educational Toys Africa

Our Main Concern• Poor Maths performance in South Africa • 80% of grade 4 kids in South Africa can't read and poor parental involvement is the biggest challenge facing public Schools in South Africa

Intellectual Property- Granted Patent

Application No. :2019/08299Filing Date :12 December 2019Date of Grant :27 January 2021Name of Applicant(s) :Wesolve4x (Pty) Ltd Name of Inventor(s) :NGOBESE, TsietsiTitle of Invention :SYSTEM AND METHOD OF MANAGING THE DELIVERY OF EDUCATIONAL COURSES TO STUDENTS

Our Goal is Simple

Make learning fun, measurable and rewarding.


    Board of Directors

    Management Team

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    Sibonelo Sidwell Moloi

    Chief Financial Officer

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    Our Values

      Integrity and Accountability
      Client focused
      Measurable & sustainability
      Long-term oriented

    Our Philosophy

    We put a simple business philosophy into practice: To provide an answer to a question ordinary people keep asking,
    ‘How can you help me reach my full potential with the little that I have today?’.
    Since we understand and believe that this question cannot simply be answered with theory and knowledge, action is required for the best results. We at Wesolve4x provide an answer to this question by using high levels of research, expertise and experience in order to act and provide realistic and optimum high-level solutions.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to journey and partner with our clients as they thrive and reach their full potential, unlocking their inherent creativity and innovation to contribute positively and impact their communities and the world at large.

    Why WeSolve4x

    In a Nutshell

    Our team is passionate about what they do and ready to help you break down tricky concepts such as the basics of Algebra and Trigonometry.
    Let our extra lessons prepare you for tests and exams as our facilitators make maths, science and accounting fun, easy and enjoyable! Our lessons are done in a convenient location of your choosing in your surrounding area and current existing schools, so that you can unlock your true potential, achieve your academic goals and guide your natural inherent curiosity to new discoveries.

      We provide lessons nationally in current existing schools and learning facilities and online
      Quality controlled subject designed programs
      Guaranteed tutors support
      Our experienced tutors are available nationwide and online
      Affordable Maths lesson rates plus Grocery Benefits
      Quality and experienced tutors
      Guaranteed facilitated Responsible Research and Innovation guidelines and support

    We cover all Mathematical, Physics and Accounting modules for all curriculums to boost your confidence, as well as your results!

    About our Tutors

    Our Tutors are experienced, enthusiastic and accessible, and provide the support our learners’ need every step of the way. We ensure that all your bases are covered and that no mathematical concept is left unexplored as we prepare you for your mid-terms and year-end exams and ensure that you not only raise your marks but boost your self-confidence as well. Leave those trigonometry blues behind and forget about those numeracy nightmares as you begin your journey to success. We guide learners’ natural inherent curiosity to unlimited possibilities through responsible research and innovation guidelines


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    • University of the Free State
    • University of the Witwatersrand
    • University of Limpopo
    • University of Pretoria
    • University of Stellenbosch
    • University of Cape Town
    • University of Johannesburg
    • Nelson Mandela University
    • Vaal University of Technology
    • University of Venda
    • University of South Africa
    • Tshwane University of Technology
    • Virginia Tech, USA
    • University of California
    • Cranfield University
    • Faculty Training Institute
    • Bindura University of Science Education
    • National University of Science and Technology Zimbabwe
    • Writers College
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    • Wits Business School
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