Tsietsi Ngobese

  • Andrew Shimmer photo

    Chief Executive Officer

    BSc Actuarial Science (University of the Free State)

    Tsietsi Ngobese began his entrepreneurial career in 2002 as a street vendor, selling sweets at school from grade 2-12, and fruits and vegetables using a wheel barrow from house to house. He later incorporated poultry, beef, detergents and household and car air
    fresheners supply and distribution into the business in various locations.

    In 2006, he ventured into recycling, purchasing bottles, cardboards, plastics, tins and metals from people in his community, reselling to recycling companies. In 2008 he pursued his interest in the fast-food business with a key focus on Bunny-chows and Fat Cakes.
    Every month-end he distributed groceries and other goods from the taxi rank to various households using a wheelbarrow. Upon request, he would also provide household yard cleaning services.

    He later started a Stokvel contributing scheme with a group of friends in order to have an increased saving capacity. In 2010, he joined the financial market with an interest in online share trading, forex and Cryptocurrency, with a self-managed portfolio. He holds a BSc degree in Actuarial science from the University of the Free State and is currently Chief Executive Officer for WESOLVE4X (Pty) Ltd.