Adopt A learner = Create An Actuary For Only R250/Month

There are only 1, 786 actuaries in South Africa.Together, we are going to change that!
Get involved. Adopt a learner for only R250/month. 
Here are our bank details:Standard BankWesolve4x Foundation NPC Account No: 10144592663 Account type: CURRENT Branch Code:051001SWIFT Code: SBZAZAJJ

Company Registration No: 2019/246941/08 Public Benefit Organisation Reg No: 930066035
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How do we use the R250?


Maths Extra Classes

Our learners get maths tutoring on the
weekend to help them improve their grades;


Grocery Hamper

They take home a grocery hamper once a month, you can't focus on an empty stomach;


Parents Maths Classes

Their parents get maths lessons so our learners can receive support with their homework at home.


Creating Actuaries

We have 21 738 learners coming to class
every weekend, across South Africa. 

About Us

We want to increase the number of actuaries in South Africa. To do that we offer Maths tutoring services to learners from grades 4-12 on the weekends. But, our learners come from disadvantaged backgrounds, so Maths lessons are not enough.
Our learners need food. They also need support at home. So we provide them with a grocery hamper once a month. We also teach their parents Maths so they can help with homework at home. That’s why we describe our model asMaths + Parents - Hunger = More Actuaries
We are a non-profit foundation that runs on a passion for learning, deep respect for our learners and parents, a never-say-die attitude and very little sleep.
We need your support! Adopt a learner and help us change our learners’ lives! Let’s help them become actuaries.

    Wesolve4x Generation is a generation of problem solvers. "Solving the world's problems one equation at a time" Wesolve4x Future Actuaries in partnership with ASABA is a direct response by the Wesolve4x generation to encourage learners to take action and get the best maths marks to address the shortage of Actuaries in South Africa. 

    Contact Information

    • South Africa

      Email for inquiries:az.oc.x4evlosew%40yrautca
      Email for Sponsorship: gro.gnoitadnuofx4evlosew%40yrautca

    • Contacts

      Contact number : +27(0)6 1 478 5661
      Address : 9th Floor, Atrium on 5th Building, 5th Street, Sandton, 2196, Gauteng, South Africa