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Identify A School With Computers

Identify any public or private school both primary or high school that has a working computer lab and access to the internet. 


Register The School

Register a school to benefit from the annual licence sponsorship. 


Adoption Agreement

Adoption agreement between the school and wesolve4x are signed to start the process of allocation of annual licences 



School Management receive access to the game to monitor the performance and progress of learners.


Next School on the waiting list

Next School on the waiting list assisted 



Wesolve4x First In Maths Game Sponsorship For Schools Program

Wesolve4x First In Maths Sponsorship Program in Partnership With Maths Educational Toys Africa initiative The initiative adopts any schools in South Africa with computers and access to the internet to be sponsored with First In Math Online games annual licence to help learners improve in mathematics grades 1 to 12. #ElevateThePassRate #Wesolve4xGeneration
Minimum Requirement For School Adoption and Sponsorship● Registered Public or Private School in South Africa● Primary School or Secondary School or Combined School● The school must have working computers with an internet connection This four-minute video shows you how First In Math Online is energizing students to learn, love and live math. Click the Linkhttps://explore.firstinmath.com/power-of-fim
For More Maths Games Visit https ://mathsedutoys.co.za/
● DEMO of The Online Game Access-use log in details below https://www.firstinmath.com/user name; w2021Password: wesolve4x

Register a school for Online Maths Games Sponsorship

#Wesolve4xGeneration #ElevateThePassRate
Any public or Private School in South Africa with working computers and internet connection can be registered for the programme

Wesolve4x Generation is a generation of problem solvers. "Solving the world's problems one equation at a time" 

Contact Information

  • South Africa

    Email for inquiries:az.oc.x4evlosew%40ofni

  • International

    Email for inquiries: az.oc.x4evlosew%40ofni

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    Contact number : +27(0)6 1 478 5661
    Address : 9th Floor, Atrium on 5th Building, 5th Street, Sandton, 2196, Gauteng, South Africa