Privacy Policy

1 - Introduction
We acknowledge the protection of the Subscriber’s privacy and respects the legal provisions in force.

This Privacy Policy allows You to better understand the principles of data protection applied by Us. We invite You to read it before submitting your Personal Information.

This Privacy Policy may be updated at any time by Us. The date of the most recent revision will appear on this page. We suggest that You refer back to it on a regular basis.

Please note that ticking the box below, You authorise Us to collect, record, organize, store, use and/or transfer your Personal Information according to this Privacy Policy.

2 - When does Wesolve4x collect your Personal Information?

We collect Personal Information from the Subscriber when you:

visit the Website;
register on the Website;
subscribe to Our newsletters;
participate in special operations, in particular games, competitions, product tests, customers surveys or market research;
contact Us, in particular when You submit a request or a complaint or when You rate or review Our Services offered;
give consent to a third party to send Wesolve4x Personal Information about you.

3 - What Personal Information does Wesolve4x collect about you?

We consider all information that could identify You directly or indirectly as Personal Information. We may mainly collect the following Personal Information:

information about your identity, in particular your gender, last name, first names, address, telephone number, email addresses, date of birth or age;
information about Our commercial relationship, in particular transaction numbers, history of your purchases, your request or your communications with Us or third party, your preferences and interests;

technical information, in particular your IP address or information about how your device navigates through Our Website.

4 - Why is your Personal Information collected?

Personal information may be processed mainly for the following purposes:

The Website administration;

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (loyalty program, newsletters, promotions, product testing, surveys, etc.), the processing of which is made subject to your approval;

Market analysis and timing (profiling on the basis of your purchasing behaviour, preferences and interests, analyses while navigating through the Website, statistics, reporting, etc.). This processing is made subject to your approval;

When appropriate, for purposes of prevention and fraud detection;

Managing your request (complaints, right to access, rectify, oppose and removal of Personal Information, etc.);

5 – Does Wesolve4x disclose your Personal Information?

We will never share your Personal Information with third parties for marketing purposes.

The Personal Information We are collecting about You are intended for Wesolve4x and are likely to be communicated to a third party chosen for their expertise and reliability and acting on Our behalf and at Our direction (IT providers, customer service, delivery, etc.).