Wesolve4x Student Debt Stokvel


From #FeesMustFall to #Wesolve4xStudentDebtStokvel MovementWesolve4x Student Debt Stokvel is a movement and an initiative of Wesolve4x Foundation based on an actuarial solution developed in 2015 when The Founder Tsietsi Ngobese was an Actuarial science student at the University of the Free State and experienced the fees must fall protest, this was an inspiration and a direct response to find a sustainable solution to empower all student in South Africa to access high education from all walks of life through the unity of all South African citizens based on the principle of ubuntu by contributing R100 or any amount monthly #TakeBackYourPower .
The Stokvel raise R1.3 million From November to December 2021 and Settled student debt for 102 Students by 5 January 2022.Read More on our Success Story
The Stokvel allows South Africans to donate R100 or any amount Monthly to pay off student debt and subsidize tuition fees. 
Objectives of the Wesolve4x Student Debt Stokvel● Settle the national Student debt● Making Education affordable by Subsidising tuition fees for disadvantaged students  ●Inspire and empower South Africans to have an active role is the development of all students through unity
Wesolve4x Student Debt Model Key Actuarial Assumptions● 20-65 age group estimated to be 34.5 Million population donated R100 each monthly● No Actuarial risk
The application of the model means assuming the 20 -65 age group of an estimated 34.5 million population according to Statistic South Africa each donate R100 monthly. This means the population (South African citizens) raise and pay off R3.45 billion Monthly and within 5 months the estimated National student Debt of R14 billion will be wiped off. From month 5 tuition fees of all students in South Africa will be subsidised monthly by R3.45 billion making education affordable where citizens cover 90% and the students pay 10% of their tuition fee. This is based on the principle of Ubuntu#TakeBackYourPower 
Celebrating our first 102 beneficiaries 15 January 2022



Qualifying Criteria to apply● You must be a South African or international Student ● You must be studying in any of South Africa’s Public or Private colleges/TVET Colleges/University/University of Technology● You must be studying any field of study undergraduate or postgraduate● You must be owing to the institution any amount and your historic debt must be between academic years from 2000 to 2023● Or You must be needing funding for the academic year 2023● Or You must be needing in-service training to complete your studies ● You must be willing to volunteer to tutor maths or English in grades 4 to 12 in any public schools● You must be willing to mentor learners grade 4 to 12 in your field of study● You must be willing to provide community service in your field of study


Successful Students fees paid off

All successful students fees will be paid off directly to the university or college● Clear historic student debt● Subsidize tuition fee to be affordable up to 90%


Sponsorship Agreement

Successful students will be given a 5-year contract to serve communities● Tutor maths or English to grades 4 to 12 learners on weekends in wesolve4x adopted Schools via contact or virtual sessions.● Mentor learners from grade 4 to 12 and provide career guidance● Take part in cleaning campaigns and school garden projects. ● 90 hours of community service a year donating your skills in your field of study to assist communities or charity organizations 


Selection criteria 

●We believe in All Students of All Races in South Africa as all students contribution matters to our South African economy, society and global community ● Open to all students (South African and International) of all race who need assistance ● Students with historic debt● Registered student for any academic year with outstanding fees or ● Students who need funding for 2023● Academic performance ● Open to all South African and International Students● Registered in any public or private institution- colleges and universities  


Debt paid off / tuition fee subside 

Next student on the waiting list assisted 


Our results in numbers

We are very happy about our achievements and don't hide themWorking Towards A Student Debt Free Nation #Wesolve4xStudentDebtStokvel

+12 000


+R1.6 billion

Historic Student Debt

R1.3 Million

Student Debt Settled


Students Beneficiaries

Application Are Open 

#Wesolve4xStudentDebtStovel #Wesolve4xGeneration #ElevateThePassRate
Open to all undergraduate and postgraduate Students With Outstanding fees for any academic in South Africa public and private universities and colleges and Student Who Need Funding for the Academic year 2023

Wesolve4x Generation is a generation of problem solvers. "Solving the world's problems one equation at a time" 

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