Wesolve4x Cleaning My Planet (Official Campaign)

Wesolve4x foundation initiative. The campaign is for awareness with a call for action for individuals to take responsibility and collectively clean their own environment for one hour every Saturday for the next 20 year. The campaign is aimed to eliminate the health hazards we are facing on a daily basis in our communities. Our main focus is mainly on land and water pollution as a result of littering.We aim to develop long term sustainable, creative and innovative solutions to tackle waste mismanagement and climate change. Waste material that we take for granted such as plastics and paper are hazards for our environment and ecosystems with negative effects. 
Cleaning will help us and the people around us to live healthy in a pollution free environment. Our goal is simple: to continuously educate our own communities in South Africa and globally to fight pollution in our ‘Mother Earth’ and eliminate trash blindness.

Official Social Media Hashtags

#Wesolve4xCleaningMyX where X is YourCountry

    Wesolve4x Generation is a generation of problem solvers. "Solving the world's problems one equation at a time" Wesolve4x Cleaning My planet is a direct response by the Wesolv4x generation to encourage individuals to take action and responsibility of their current environment to ensure a clean ,and conducive living environment in order to conserve and protect our planet for the next Wesolve4x-Generation.


      Actively cleaning the environment collectively with community members every Saturday for one hour for the next 20 years until 2039 , increase awareness.
      Continuous environmental protection and conservation educational programs offered to society.
      Reducing the effect of climate change through environmental protection measures and protecting the future.

    Vision 2039

      48 hours a year and 960 hours for 20 years of collective community members cleaning and protecting their own living environment.
      Environmental pollution free Planet.
      Generational continuous Awareness and Educational environmental campaign to the global population.
      Active non- littering global population.

    Take Action

      Individually or collectively clean your current living environment/community area every Saturday for an hour until 2039. Take a before and after picture to witness your positive environmental impact.
      Educate and create awareness for others in order to protect and conserve the environment.
      Meeting point for all community members is at a school gate in their community or designated community assembly point 30 minutes before departure.
      Groups departure from school’s gate or designated community assembly point timetable has 3 sessions: 10: 00, 12:00 and 15:00 . Active non- littering global population.


      Sponsor a community to enable them to continuously clean their environment.
      Cleaning equipment and refusal plastic to be strictly be donated/sponsored to schools for community use.
      Environmental, Safety and Wasted management and Educational programs.

    Contact Information

    • South Africa

      Email for inquiries:gro.noitadnuofx4evlosew%40asymgninaelc
      Email for Sponsorship: gro.gnoitadnuofx4evlosew%40asymrosnops

    • International

      Email for inquiries: gro.noitadnuofx4evlosew%40tenalpymgninaelc
      Email for Sponsorship: gro.noitadnuofx4evlosew%40tenalpymrosnops

    • Contacts

      Contact number : +27(0)6 1 478 5661
      Address : 9th Floor, Atrium on 5th Building, 5th Street, Sandton, 2196, Gauteng, South Africa