Phumudzo Charles Tharaga

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    Chief Research Officer

    BSc Environmental Science (University of Venda for Science and Technology)BSc Agriculture majoring in Agrometeorology (University of the Free State)BSc Applied Science and Economics (Virginia Tech, USA)BSc Honours Agriculture majoring in Agrometeorology (University of the Free State)MSc. Agriculture majoring in Agrometeorology (University of the Free State)Research Doctorate in Biometeorology (2016-2017) (University of California, Davis)PhD in Agrometeorology (2016-2019) (University of the Free State)PhD in Environmental Engineering Technology (2016-2019) (Cranfield University)

    Mr Tharaga is an Agrometeorologist. He worked at various scientific organisations and his research focuses on water-use efficiency and climate change, and holds an MSc Degree Agrometeorology. He worked as a professional Agrometeorologist from 2011 at Absa and in 2012 he joined the South African Weather services as Senior Scientist. In 2015, Mr Tharaga joined CSIR as a Senior Research Technologist and in 2016 started working as a lecturer at the University of the Free State.

    Mr Tharaga has presented most of his work in countries such as the USA, Germany, Vietnam, Australia, Botswana, Qatar, France, England as well as the United Arab Emirates. Mr Tharaga is passionate about helping kids from rural communities and all walks of life to achieve their goals through his guidance and mentorship programs to inspire responsible research and innovation. His passion for research and his ability to share his gift of knowledge provides a guideline for learner’s natural curiosity to translate into research and innovation.